Microchanneling w/ PROCELL PRO (original formula) Stem Cell Serum & Aftercare

Microchanneling w/ PROCELL PRO (original formula) Stem Cell Serum & Aftercare

Restructure skin from the inside out using highly concentrated growth factor serums derived from human bone marrow stem cells. These highly effective concentrated serums are infused into skin through micro channels created by a unique disk shaped tip with incredibly small needles tapped onto skin surface. The micro-injuries stimulate skin to produce collagen resulting in rejuvenated, smoother looking, healthy skin while PROCELL amplifies collagen response and promotes scarless healing in an anti-inflammatory environment. 

If needed, special depigmentation solution is applied during needling at no extra cost for additional dark spot correction. All treatments include soothing after treatment sheet mask, cooling ice globe treatment, and aftercare products to take home.

 You can expect to enjoy your fresh glowing skin for several months after completing a series of treatments. A single maintenance treatment is recommended every 3-6 months to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best!

3 Treatments - $650 *save $70 on 3*

If just beginning microneedling treatments, best results are achieved through at least 3 consecutive treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

1 Treatment- $240 - for maintenance boost

Suggested every 3-6 months after initial series to maintain your beautiful glowing skin.

**Add neck $30/ treatment

**Add chest $40/treatment

**Add dermaplaning $25/treatment


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