Christine Wargo

I was born and raised a good ‘ole Midwestern girl in Northwest Indiana right outside of Chicago. I attended Indiana University and graduated as a Dental Hygienist. The adventurous side of me would not let me stay anchored in one place for too long and the Midwest winters are not that much fun once you’re not a kid anymore, so I made my way out west to Arizona in 1999.  I absolutely fell in love with all things AZ and it immediately felt like “home”. Again the traveler in me couldn’t help but peruse a career that wouldn’t keep me from my love of people and places, so I became a flight attendant for many years. I wouldn’t have changed that career choice for the world as it gave me the opportunity to see and  experience things that I never would have been able to otherwise. But after many years of traveling and flying I yearned to find something else I was passionate about that would allow me to be home more with my husband and 2 children. By luck and  coincidence I learned about microblading and loved everything about it! Very soon into discovering the world of permanent makeup and facial esthetics, I became enthralled with all the exciting procedures and treatments that help women and men not only look better, but more importantly, FEEL better about themselves.

Perfectly You


I was trained by Phi Academy master microblading artist and received my certification for microblading. I also completed 100 hours of PMU and skin care training through AZ Permanent Makeup Academy, completed training and received certification as a Plemere Plasma Practitioner (fibroblast treatment) through The Center for Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics, and continuously enroll in online courses for the latest products and procedures in permanent makeup. I am certified in OSHA bloodborne pathogen and sterilization requirements. I work with nothing but top of the line products and equipment so I can offer nothing but the best to clients that trust me with their precious faces. I am a “people person” at heart and love having that one-on-one time with my clients to learn about them and offer them something that will make their lives better in a small (or huge) way. I feel blessed to have found my passion for helping people be excited and confident about themselves, whether feeling better about their aging/ troubled skin, or adding a little glam to their life with permanent makeup. The world of skincare and beauty is ever evolving and advancing and I am thrilled to be part of it and to be able to share it with my clients.